New, Refurbished, and Repair Power Supply Prices

Manufacturer Number Other Part Number Wattage Repair Price Sell Price Notes
Cisco 34-0687-01 Model-DCJ2804-01P   $75.00    
Cisco 34-0873   400 $35.00    
Cisco 34-0934-01 Lucent 2000 $175.00    
Cisco DC 34-1547   400 $35.00    
Cisco 34-1656-01 Astec   $125.00   DC Input-250 Output
Cisco 34-1694 Sony APS-161 4000 $425.00    
Cisco 341-0037 Baby Galaxy 3
Dongguang Teamwise
1000 $175.00    
Cisco 341-0071   3000 $175.00    
Cisco 341-0083   4200 $160.00    
Cisco 341-0092   6000 $160.00    
Cisco 1300W Sony 1300 $85.00    
Cisco 2500W N/A 2500 $150.00    
Cisco 2800W Sony 2800 $85.00    
Cisco 3000 W Sony APS-188 3000 $95.00    
Cisco 4000 W   4000 110.00    
Cisco PWR 4000 DC   4000 215.00    
Cisco PWR 7200AC     115.00    

All Power Supplies come with a standard 3-month warranty.
Longer warranties are available upon request.

Prices are subject to change without notice.
Prices do not include local tax of 9.25% and shipping
Shipping will be UPS Ground unless other shipping methods are available.
All information is deemed to be correct, and will be updated as more information is available.
Discounts are available: 5% for 10-20 units, 10% on 20+ units.
Other power supplies (not listed above) needing repair can be submitted for repair upon prior approval.
Submitted power must not contain burnt boards, or in other non repairable conditions.
We only warranty our power supply.
Please call or email us if you have a TK, Cisco, or Sun Power supply not on the list.
Questions? E-mail: Phone: (408) 266-2073

Payment Methods:
1) Paypal
2) Cashiers Check
3) Check (delays may occur because check must clear bank before shipment)
4) Purchase orders if you are an approved customer

TK 300A-13-R01 pay up to $35 each (Limit quantity 10)
TK 400 pay up to $20 each (Limit quantity  5)
TK 300PA-M up to  $20 each (Limit quantity 10)
Sun 300-1501-07 up to $75   (Limit Quantity 20)

Other Notes:
Cisco is a registered trademark of Cisco Systems, Inc.
Sony is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation of America and/or Sony Electronics, Inc.
TK is a registered trademark of the former company TK Power, Inc.
Sun is a registered trademark of Sun Micro Systems, Inc.

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