You can try these at your own risk*

1) If things are not working correctly, or one function of your computer is not functioning correctly, shut down the computer, turn off all powered devices connected to the computer. Wait 1 minute, and then power everything back up and see if it fixes the problem.

2) If you get a question mark, or an empty folder when you turn on your Mac, try putting a bootable cd in the drive and holding the "C" key down until you see the happy Mac. You can run utilities to repair problems.

3) You can turn on the computer, holding the shift key down to boot without any extensions on. This is a diagnostic mode, and you may be able to fix certain things in this mode. You may be able to do some work in this condition until help arrives.


 *Accurate Mac & PC Services, LLC assumes no responsibility for any result of a user trying these tips!

More help can be obtained by calling (408) 266-2073, or send an e-mail to: