You can try these at your own risk*

1) If things are not working correclty, or one functiion of your computer is not functioning correctly, shut down the computer, turn off all powered devices connected to the computer. Wait 1 minute, and then power everything back up and see if it fixes it.

2) If you cannot boot in a normal fashion to get to the desktop, you can try booting in the "safe" mode. repeatingly pressing  the F8 key down during the boot process . You can run utilities to repair problems.

3) If your machine slows down when surfing the web, we recomend that you run your virus utilities and spyware removers to speed things up. We recommend using superantispyware which can be found on the website along with many other great shareware programs

4) We suggest that you run anti virus utilities and disk utilities once per month to keep your machine running fast and smooth, and this may prevent future machine failures.

5) Be careful not to use two or more anti virus programs at the same time since they may slow down the computer as two people would when trying to drive a car with four hands!

 *Accurate Mac & PC Services, LLC assumes no responsibility for any result of a user trying these tips!

More help can be obtained by calling (408) 266-2073, or send an e-mail to: